Free 6 Months/Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Free 6 Months/Weeks Industrial Training in Chandigarh

Every student says, “Oh ! If I could earn while learning !”. No doubt many institutes and companies start offering free training with stipend, to attract students. The idea looks great, but has its own pitfalls.

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Free is at a Cost

If you are getting training free of cost, then you must be doing something for the company. It might be alright if by doing something for the company gives you a value addition, but in reality it is rarely so. The company will give you smaller work:

1. Content Writing
2. Data Entry
3. Writing documentation
4. Making Presentations

But where are you learning the coding ?

Free Industrial Training

Free industrial training is a unique program, brought into action from WebiHawks Technologies. The uniqueness of this program is that a student who wants to go for an industrial training program have to pay the fee during the start, which is refunded on the monthly basis. This is a 100% fee refund program and the student imparts knowledge in various courses free of cost. Free Industrial Training in various courses is a modular 6 months course. The course curriculum of Industrial Training comprises:

1.Bussiness Development

2.Online Marketing

3.Social Media



Certificates provided:
• 6 Months Training + Project certificate by WebiHawks